What We Do

Our Approach

We use a three-tiered approach to all our sales to maximize your profit. In addition to a traditional in-home sale, we sell high-value items through auction houses, to local dealers, and online when items require a larger audience

We individually price every item in an estate. Auction houses and some other estate sales will group items to sell as a lot at a cheaper price than you might get for items individually.

We’re proud to have a very loyal and regular following of customers. Many of our customers attend our sales on a weekly basis, in addition to those who come from our marketing and outreach. This makes for busy sales, and busy sales are profitable ones.

  • In-Home Sale

    A complete in-house tag sale to liquidate many of the everyday items

  • Auction Items

    We’re teamed with a high-end auction house to sell valuable Tiffany pieces, artworks, and upper-end antiques at the best prices possible

  • Online Sales

    We specialize in Ebay sales to offer your valued collectible and specialty items to a world-wide audience

Our Services and Skillsets

  • Estate Evaluation
  • Professional Pricing and Knowledge
  • On-Site Sales
  • Online Sales
  • Auction Sales
  • Valuable Advice for Families and Executors
  • Efficient Liquidation, Maximum Profit

We're Insured!


An estate sale is, plainly, the sale of many and various items which make up a person’s estate. Estate sales can be held anytime someone wants to quickly and conveniently liquidate many items, often when someone is moving or after a death.
There is no charge to determine if Tom & Jerry’s can be of service. Sometimes a phone call is all it takes, but usually we will need to go through the home to be certain. If you’re unsure or have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch
A common misconception is that an estate sale is the settling of personal property after a death. You can have an estate sale for many reasons, such as: downsizing your residence, moving to a health care facility, and divorce
The only time that you should consider having an estate sale after the house is sold is if someone is still living in it. After the closing, the new owners are eager to move in, giving all of us time constraints. Most realtors feel that having an estate sale creates a clean house and gives prospective buyers (usually much younger than the sellers) an opportunity to envision what their style of furnishings will look like in this setting.
In short, an auction is a game of chance—you may have some items for which you get good prices, but most of the time prices are at bargain levels. Often, pieces are grouped and sold a as a lot, and some lots go for very little value. Many auction houses charge a set-up fee, as well as a tear-down fee. There is often a charge for advertising.
In an estate sale, every item is priced individually. By doing this, we obtain maximum value for each item. We also have specialty buyers, and internet buyers, who pay higher fixed prices on special items.
We recommend that considerable thought be given to the disposition of personal possessions before unknowingly selling or giving away anything that might have value. Quite often, the least expected pieces in an estate turn out to have real value.
We always have several people working during the sale days. We use locked display cases for jewelry and other small items. You can feel comfortable that your valued possessions are being well cared for.
Yes, we have an established ebay presence and use online services to sell specialty items. We use digital photographs and professionally describe and place special estate items that require a larger audience on the internet in order to achieve the best price.
There is absolutely no up-front cost. Tom and Jerry’s works on a percentage of the total sales. The fee is deducted from the money collected at the sale. Give us a call to learn more about our pricing
There may be charges for specialized services, such as dumpsters, safe disposal of dangerous herbicides or pesticides, or removal of large appliances or other optional services. No charges will ever be incurred without the client’s approval.