What We Do

Our Approach

We use a three-tiered approach to all our sales to maximize your profit. In addition to a traditional in-home sale, we sell high-value items through auction houses, to local dealers, and online when items require a larger audience

We individually price every item in an estate. Auction houses and some other estate sales will group items to sell as a lot at a cheaper price than you might get for items individually.

We’re proud to have a very loyal and regular following of customers. Many of our customers attend our sales on a weekly basis, in addition to those who come from our marketing and outreach. This makes for busy sales, and busy sales are profitable ones.

  • In-Home Sale

    A complete in-house tag sale to liquidate many of the everyday items

  • Auction Items

    We’re teamed with a high-end auction house to sell valuable Tiffany pieces, artworks, and upper-end antiques at the best prices possible

  • Online Sales

    We specialize in Ebay sales to offer your valued collectible and specialty items to a world-wide audience

Our Services and Skillsets

  • Estate Evaluation
  • Professional Pricing and Knowledge
  • On-Site Sales
  • Online Sales
  • Auction Sales
  • Valuable Advice for Families and Executors
  • Efficient Liquidation, Maximum Profit

We're Insured!


An estate sale is, plainly, the sale of many and various items which make up a person’s estate. Estate sales can be held anytime someone wants to quickly and conveniently liquidate many items, often when someone is moving or after a death.