Oct 30th Halloween Estate sale 7108 Rockbridge HALF OFFGrand Ledge Trains

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  1. Nice video! Thank you for your careful work inside my childhood home. I teared up going from room to room; seeing a life-time of memories. I was a baby when this house was built; the youngest of 3 kids. I turn 50 in November. This was a special, special place filled with lots of wonderful memories in time. If you attend the sale, just remember how much this home meant to so many of us family members and say a prayer for my sweet Mom, who needed to have much less house to care for after we lost Dad last year.

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      I can tell that a lot of love was in this home. Please remember that someone is gonna come in and the love is going to continuel

  2. need more information
    location of sale
    time of sale
    ‘sign up sheet ?”
    how is sale conducted ? a walk around ? or a sit down and bid?
    ( use a walker, and can not stand or walk around easily.)

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